I live in Austin, TX where I am a staff DevOps Engineer at GE Aviation.

I am responsible for driving secure development practices, implementing build and release automations, and supporting the development lifecycle. I also help meet the evolving demands of my team by integrating new tooling into automation pipelines and other workflows, achieving sustainable and durable practices. With some coffee and creativity great things are possible!

I discovered my passion for DevOps after joining GE Aviation. I really enjoy understanding how people work and what tools, practices, or techniques best meet their needs.

I think a great DevOps engineer must stay up to date on the latest technologies and be in sync with the evolving needs of their project and teammates.

  • What do engineers need? What do they want?
  • What do project managers need? What do they want?
  • What does the organization need?
  • Why are some tools better than others?
  • Why do some practices work where others fail?
  • Are their common factors to highly productive teams? What are they?
  • How can teams meet constraints in the most effective way possble?

There is a lot of room as a DevOps engineer to be creative!